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A Time Of Change Is Upon Us. The Veil Between Our 3D World and 5D Spirit World is Collapsing. We WIll Be Fine. The Rapid Spreading Of Self Buildable 10KW Free Energy Devices WIll Very Soon Begin The Social, Economic Remodelling Decentralisation Process Replacing the Pyramid WIth Geodesic Dome Society Structure

IDSW- As we know. ancient peoples who are knowing and advanced about the other metaphysical planes of existence, and galactic cycles. Such as the Hopi Indians, or Mayans, Maoris, or Kalahari men, or Aborigines. Or the deep rich wealth of knowledge in Vedic India. (Abraham is actually Brahma, showing how ideas and things were derived or even plundered from Indian truths). As we know, Prophecy that these people pass down isn't to be ignored but actually has valuable truths.

Sadly though, since the Saturn worshipping Death Cult of International Satanist Babylonian Talmud Elite International Jewry that has its strongholds in City of London, The Vatican, and Washington DC took hold on this planet where Masculine energy took over rather than the Divine Feminine (or should masculine/feminine ideally be in balance?). sadly they have built approx. 147 underground cities with all the  mod cons, powered by Nikola Tesla Free…

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