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How to Antidote Against EMFs, 5G, Smartmeters Using Nikola Tesla Antenna Technology Combined With A Specially Created Sigil - The More Sigils That Get Printed Out For Free Worldwide More Powerful EMF Protection Synergy Occurs

We are still getting questions about the Qube and things you can do at a personal level to antidote EMFs and 5G. Of course, the long term solution is to SHELVE 5G until there are complete and thorough studies on its long term effects on living organisms...and we don't mean a study that is funded by Google or other corporate profiteers. However, this might take some time to get done as we are so busy taking down the evil, corruptocrats in D.C.

In the meantime, if you want to do something at a personal level, Betsy and Thomas offer you tips of what they do in this article: We don't sell the Qube. We made this device to protect ourselves when we started doing our work several years ago. It was so beneficial that we wanted to find a way that any one, any where could also use it. We wanted the technology to be free, scalable, and used any where in the world. Betsy insisted that Thomas, who designed specialty antennas for the military many years ago, put his brilliant mind into creat…

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