Daily Express: SECRET SPACE PROJECT: 'NASA had craft to reach moon... but hoaxed Apollo missions instead' (However the Express/CIA/GCHQ/Establishment is leaving out the real metaphysical reasons for the Apollo hoax. Truth and lies mixed in Disinfo - IDSW)

A TOP lunar landings denier has claimed that NASA DID have the ability to fly to the moon more than 50 years ago... but will not admit it, as it would expose how its Apollo missions were hoaxed. (Adam -  Express Deception#1: deliberate diverting away from the fact theres a soul trap multidimensional quarantine around us) http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/838136/Moon-landings-hoax-Marcus-Allen-not-possible-Glastonbury-Symposium

Magazine publisher Marcus Allen has made the shocking claim that NASA has had specialist anti-gravity propulsion technology since the 1950s, but it is hidden away in secret "black projects." (Adam - yes true)

Mr Allen claims the US space agency could have used the technology to send people to the moon and further afield in the 1960s, but will not admit to having it because it would expose that aliens exist, and it hoaxed the moon landings.

(Adam - Daily Express Deception#2: The Deep State/Establishment/CIA/GCHQ keeping the Public perception firmly anchored in a materialist, 3D version of reality and the cosmos. Steering us away from any perception that we are more than this physical body, human consciousness and the Spirit/Soul is real and can leave the body and our Galactic history the NASA Freemasons know, an ancient advanced multidimensional technology society set up a soul recycling quarantine around earth. The ELites don't want us to know the existence of the human soul and that we are immortal and living in a slave soul recycling Matrix entrapment system that the legal system actually underpins, due to legalese and creating consent, exonerating the elites from karmic repurcussions.)

Mr Allen is the UK publisher of "alternative news" magazine Nexus, which is sold in more than 100 countries.
He made the claims at the 27th Glastonbury Symposium, an annual event in the Somerset town dedicated to the paranormal and conspiracy theories.
He said: "They would love to do it (space travel) with the new technology, but they can't admit they have it, because ether would have to admit the old technology did not work'

(Adam - Again, (and this deception is extremely sly and subtle) our GCHQ CIA friends again are diverting us to one thing so we don't look at another thing. I rfer the reader back to Deception #2 above)

Adam - and a final word. Call it my sixth sense. But further on in the Express article, Roswell, Aliens get discussed, as well as an emphasis solely on the 'Nazi' space programmes, 'Nazis'. Exercise caution with these topics as the truth and reality and deception is far wider. However its interesting the Express came out with this article that has SOME truth in it layered with lies).

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