The Electricity Grid Might Be Weak, The Sun Might Be About To Sneeze As Has Been Prophecised In Ancient Texts, And Gold/Silver Might be $10000/$400 By The End Of 2017: GEET Plasma Free Energy Devices To The Rescue?

Let's see if we can sense whats really going on here, using intuition. Bearing in mind there are fearmongers around. However heres a few bullet points of where it seems were at:

- It is very reasonable to suggest that the American electricity grid is not in the best of shape, is stretched and vulnerable. This might have been intentional.

- It does seem as though the Sun is about to sneeze, in a powerful DNA activating energy pulse emanating from the galactic central sun that happens every 26000 years. Evil elements in society might be intentionally allowing the grid to be weak to take advantage of possible chaos, if such a Pulse knocks the lights off.
- In anticipation of this, it does feel correct, the Evil hasbeen controllers, have been deliberately letting stock market and banking bubbles happen, to crash things at just the right time.

- It is certainly possible too, there are Good White Hat elements in the agencies working to outsmart these manoeuvres by the satanist Enemy. Such as reinforcing electricity grid infrastructure
- It is possible that White Hat elements have thousands and thousands of GEET or other such Free Energy machines to hand out to communities, as well as an as yet unused internet network ready to go Live, to avoid descent into mayhem. (We have been told that when the Event happens, the MSM will be taken over and real truth will be broadcast 24 hours a day)

- As well as avoiding owning any stocks. It might be correct what is said below. Physical Gold and Silver really might be $10,000, and $400 an ounce by the end of 2017 respectively.  Therefore should we be buying physical gold and silver if we can?   It is a bit late in the day to be suggesting this now, admittedly :(

- Should it be a point of urgent priority. That as many of us as possible get GEET Free Energy Plasma devices constructed as soon as we can?  The answer might be yes. 
- Therefore much more is going to be discussed about a GEET Plasma Free Energy device on this blog which all readers are advised to start building at once.  -IDSW

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