Friday, January 20, 2017

GANS Magrav Plasma Keshe Foundation Free Energy and Healing Self Build Technologies: Time to take things to a whole other level and start expressing our Will and Remodelling the world around us

This is an essential first posting of what will be an evolving article over time- there may even be several separate KF research posts as I attempt to make sense if all this and lay it out so things can be worked on easily by all of us and Manifest our Satya Yuga GOLDEN AGE SECOND RENAISSANCE.

It is time we all sit up and take notice of what's just going on over at the Keshe Foundation. He's giving free blueprints out too. Admittedly it is hard to at first glance know where to start with everything. IDSW blog will document developments with all this hopefully making this into a go to Hub for Free Energy self building, Plasma Magrav healing ideas and distilling essential methods taught on Keshes YouTube symposium workshops as well as other independent KF researchers


The tool in his right hand is a combination of magnets and plasma instruments. The magnets are used to focus the plasma field a few centimetres away from the device itself – in this case, the field was set up to surround a breast tumour. The results were outstanding, but too fast.

Now, you might be thinking that the plasma field somehow kills the cancer, but you would be wrong. The hypothesis is FAR stranger. If we look at Mr Keshe’s model of health and disease, we find that the emotional brain and the seat of the soul play an incredibly important role.

If the emotional brain can be given the wherewithal to come back into balance, it will simply not support the illness any longer. So it will re-instructs the physical brain, which immediately goes about remodeling the physical body in a similar way to the genetically modified seeds remodeling themselves back to their original design. This of course is a radically different perspective on health and disease, and yet, the results I have shown you, speak for themselves.

So in my introductory Plasma article, I gave you an over-view of what will be possible with plasma technology in the future. Then in the Plasma part 1 and Plasma part 2 I have explained what plasma is and how we can work with it. In this article I have demonstrated just the beginning of plasma applications, and as you can see, these first steps have already revolutionised the nuclear industry, agriculture and medicine.

And yet, believe it or not, I have kept this article very grounded. I have not introduced any of the more remarkable experiments, because I know I have already stretched many of my readers beyond their breaking point. But this is the future that is coming to us all. It is a remarkable future, where solutions to many of the world’s problems are coming into view for the first time in human history.

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  1. GANS Magrav plasma technology attacking Lyme: powerful testimonial
    The dull throbbing pain that used to bother me at night is gone
    Marilyn - Fri November 18th
    Category: Health
    I contracted Lyme disease in 1998 after moving from the city to the country. I refused the antibiotics they offered because at that time they said Lyme disease was a virus. We now know that it is a spirochete. I suffered severe pain and eventually was paralysed. I couldn't work, lost my marriage and went to live with my mother, say good-by to my children and die. After a change in my diet, getting on thyroid medication and using oregano oil blends, I recovered enough to enter the world again.

    Most of my pain was gone, like the headaches, but I still suffered from constant joint pain in my shoulders, wrists, knees and ankles. I have always refused pain medication. So when I read about the Keshe Pain Pen I ordered one. I have only used it a few weeks but noticed a difference overnight when I first started using it. I can go walking and gardening without the pain. I use my Pen in the mornings and then before bed. I point it at my shoulders, wrists, knees and ankles for a count of 45 at each point.

    I am sleeping better as the dull throbbing pain that used to bother me at night is gone. It's quite unbelievable but true. I can't wait to see what else the Keshe Foundation will come up with. Thank you, Love and light Marilyn July 12, 2016