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Falling In Love And DMT Production: Beautiful Interdimensional Synergy The Way God Designed And Reason He Put Us On This Earth

Graviola: A Broad Spectrum Targeted Plant 10000 Times More Powerful Than Chemotherapy The Medical Mafia Covered Up In 1976: The Cancer Lies Cover Up Genie Is Out The Bottle

Our Emotional Vibrational Frequencies From Our Minds Take Us Into Different Timestreams/Timelines Each Day. Everything is 'Frequency of The Mind' . Therefore React to Negative People/Situations With A Positive Powerful Response

Note to Deep State criminal thugs: We haven't forgotten your crimes against children. In fact, we are getting better and better making the case that you run your criminal operation with full consent of the Worldwide Bloodline Satanic Establishment

Spiritual War Update: Why Has The Global Establishment Abandoned A Winning Strategy And Is It Indicative Of Weakness?

Say Hello To Supermax: Joe Biden Caught Red Handed: Are Trump and Law Enforcement Agencies Working To Stop This Evil?

Squashed Flattened 'Oblate Spheroid' Earth: Why, What Motivation Would the Scottish Rite Freemasons at NASA and Vatican Jesuits Have for Hiding This Relatively Unremarkable Information From Us?

Eric Dubay's Flat Earth Maths Calculations Have Too Little Curvature In Them. Officially Taught Curvature Appears to Have Too Much. The Truth Must Be Somewhere Between The Two

War on Consciousness, The Human Soul and Free Thinking: Worldwide Multidimensional Conspiracy Now Under Serious Attack By Truthseekers 5th Estate Online Journalists and SHifting Galactic Energies

Trump & Hilary Plantagenets: I realise so clearly now that investing energy in the material physical 3D Politics Truman Show going on is futile. This is instead a Spiritual War and awareness and the battle must be fought using that Awareness. Spiritual Forces May be Influencing Trump Wheras in the Material 3D world we might conclude he is a Jesuit Crypto Jew and Satanist. Self Buildable Free Energy devices I sense are the Achilles Heel that not only open us up to Supernatural Metaphysical truths. But can be a powerful decentraliser making these elite power games irrelevant