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Space Wars are Happening Above Us Between the Satanist Cabal and Galactic Star Families: Lisa Tully Cutting Edge Intel

From Lisa Tully amazing intel discernment Truthseeking agent:

It could be the good guys, Allies of Mankind or it could be the military complex who are preparing to fight our Star Families.. Its hard to tell right now who is who.. like the light Chrystal like ship I saw above my house a few months ago, really close and time warped out.. I would say that was the good guys.. Um, with the nasa pics, yes alot of what you see is fake except maybe the soho pics for they are not allowing any more feed to be live after sep 30, there is a reason for that…
This is interesting. Streetcap1 found an armada passing by our sun this week. There is a main mothership, three medium ships (yellow circle), and 10 tiny craft (red circles) following it. Look how the long thin nose of the medium craft (above) is the same as the nose on the mothership below it. It looks like they are traveling together, because there is safety in numbers…especially for the smaller craft. Also the medium…

Refusing Chemotherapy Results In 4 Times Longer Survival and Better Quality of Life claims Berkeley Cancer Specialist

Chemotherapy kills 97% of those who take it claims Berkeley Cancer Specialist: Could The Multi Trillion Dollar Cancer Industry Have Been Lying To Us All These Years?

Based on his research in the last 25 years Dr. Jones has come to the conclusion that chemotherapy does more harm to the patients than actually treating the cancer. He says that people who refuse chemotherapy treatment live on average around 12 years longer than people who accept the chemotherapy treatment, most patients undergoing chemotherapy die in time frame of 3 years since they are diagnosed with cancer and some much faster than that (within few weeks since being diagnosed.) 
He also claims that patients with breast cancer who reject treatment live four times longer than those who undergo chemotherapy.


Adam - With all the billions and trillions of pounds and dollars raised over the last 60 years in the 'War On Cancer' with cancer charity fundraising drives, cancer marathons, donation appeals, ta…

Elon Musk SpaceX Shootdown: Cobra 2012 Portal blog Exposed?

In an interesting development this morning, a noticeable contrasting contradiction  in stories has been observed between Cobra 2012 Portal blog here:

And Dante as reported on Starship Earth BP blog here:

This is regarding the recent SpaceX Elon Musk shoot down by UFOs as seen on Starship Earth videos.  I have often contemplated on the true nature of Cobra ( as well as Wilcock/Corey Goode) whether he is genuine or actually an illuminati disseminator of truths woven in with disinformation to deceive the awake Public to distort our understanding of  situations and events going on around us including the ongoing narrative about the SSP and Space Wars  taking place above …

Quantum Entanglement and ESP: Lockheed Executive CEO Ben Rich reveals how the Interstellar Intergalactic Secret Space Programmes work.

This is all very good and interesting. And I sense, has all or a lot of truth in it. Call it my sixth, seventh or eighth sense but I am always suspicious about info leaks like this. Even though I'm probably overreacting and it's a truly exciting interesting thing, Ben Richs comments before he died in the 1990s. Head CEO of Lockheed. Paul LaViolette in his 1 hour 20 minute YouTube lecture Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion I highly recommend. Where T Townsend Brown gets discussed st length. He quotes Ben Rich of Lockheed at the beginning of the lecture    Adam

When Rich was asked how UFO propulsion worked, he said, “Let me ask you. How does ESP work?” The questioner responded with, “All points in time and space are connected?” Rich then said, “That’s how it works!”

Interesting to think about, isn’t it? Perhaps the vast distances that exist between planets, solar systems and more isn’t really as much of a barrier as we thought it was.…

Remembering 15 years ago: The Black Magicians Haven't achieved what they hoped despite the destruction and Now their tricks won't work 15 years later if they try this crap again. Humankind is Awakening

It doesn't matter and isn't helpful to get endlessly dragged down in, chasing our tails , were they brought down by explosives. Or mini nukes. Or by scalar Tesla weaponry that officially doesn't exist. It doesn't matter.  Tapnewswire Tapblog today is saying the planes were actually holograms. Maybe this is true who knows. 
But that's not the point.
The people that planned and orchestrated this on this day with the two sacred numerology numerals for Manifestation put on screens today all around the world seen by billions of consciousnesses ( Schroedingers Cat. Princeton random number generators proving the Consciousness field ).

Sorry I digress. The people that did this have laid a labyrinthine Byzantine web of disinformation traps and cul de sacs so most people haven't a clue what to make of their awakening suspicions and out of tiredness confusion boredom or desperation lapse back and go back to sleep into BBCNews24land reality imprinting believing hypnosis mode…

A US Navy Secret Interstellar Intergalactic Secret Space Programme Fleet?

Dr Michael Salla it is said might be CIA. So there may be an agenda and truth gets twisted here. He might be spinning a Jesuit Freemason version they want us to swallow what space is like and the SSP situation. We cannot be sure but I weigh and assess and use discernment on hundreds of sources and data points to try and gauge what's going on out there and why are the Establishment leaking all this for the last 20 yrs?  -Adam
Dr Michael Salla : Gene Rodenberry Based Star Trek on Secret US Navy Space Fleet
Posted: 08 Sep 2016 06:08 AM PDT September 8 marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Star Trek science fiction series that began in 1966. There is significant evidence that its creator, Gene Roddenberry, did not simply come up with the idea of Star Trek on his own. Instead he was encouraged to create the series based on classified information surrounding the development of a secret U.S. Navy space fleet that would build a broad extraterrestrial alli…

Dr Gonzalez Anticancer Truthwarrior RIP

Dr Nicholas Gonzales brilliant alternative medicine NYC cancer doctor who used pancreatic enzymes, coffee enemas, and other strategies. Who achieved many great results even with pancreatic cancer which is known as a difficult one .  Dr Gonzales who embarrassed the medical mafia and cancer establishment showing up their lies, deceptions, about cancer, what is actually is, and how health and disease isn't what we have been brainwashed to believe growing up.
Dr Gonzales who provided hope and truth and a great service for many .
Dr Gonzales a fit healthy doctor in his 50 s who out if the blue strangely accidentally 'died' of a 'heart attack'. Nothing to see here folks.
Dr Gonzales ideas and legacy and strategies must be kept alive and spread and used by other alternative medicine practitioners. Oxygen and ozone therapies too. The Beard Trophoblast theory of cancer and the fact most cancer is actually a metabolic anaerobic disease NOT the result being driven by genes. W…

Alcyon Pleiades
The writing in this resonates well and seems genuine to me
I ask the question:
Could the Red Kachina and Sitchin and MT Keshe telling us about a Second Sun being seen now and all the apparent second sun sightings, and Tyla and Douglas Gabriel writing about Nibiru and the Schumann resonance on CCRG blog. And Hopi and other prophecies about Red Kachina.
My question is:
- Could these all be part of a deliberate long in the making Sitchin Freemason Deception? Where they've fabricated all this?
- The reason I ask this is Paul Laviolette convincingly describes the Superwave which Cobra too talks about. I asked Laviokette directly about Nibiru Red Kachina Hercolubus and he seemed genuinely unaware and I assumed Paul Lavioleete would know. A guy with his finger on the pulse.
Therefore could Ken at Redefinngingod blog be right and Nibiru really is another cabal Truman show manipulation scam on huma…

Schroedingers Cat

The power of our thoughts seems sometimes almost limitless.

Our thoughts are still a mystery to scientists but new studies promise interesting results that people of all ages can find useful in their daily lives.

We have previously seen how our thoughts possess the immense power to change our reality.

( Adams comment: I think this means, if we are scientists observing the photon, and indoctrinated by society and the BBC which way the photon will bounce off mirrors. Then our consciousness will make the photon go that way.  Also with the slit experiment. Our beliefs and expectations via the BBC and school and indoctrinating society, will dictate whether it's a wave ora photon. 
This must mean if we are told by the BBCNews24 Schroedingers  Cat is dead …

11.10 Comment reply

Hi some very interesting things and concepts you go into here Lisa. Things that have certainly played on my mind as I have tried to assimilate, make sense of, this huge multidimensional Interdimensional Tapestry that is taking place and playing out right now in what I've realised is clearly a Spiritual War. There's simply no other way to make sense of our bizarre world, unless it's to step back and realise forces good and bad operate in the Etheric plasma astral or whatever realms. And the natural way of reality seems to be things that happen there filter down and start manifesting in our realm.  I feel we are in a proxy war, down here, and forces of good and evil up there are fighting it out and competing to influence and hijack the souls of us down here.  Luckily we at Starship earth our Hearts and Spirits are clearly and solidly on the side of Good fighting however we can to pull the timelines in the right way.  It is awesome in a way.   I think Stan Monteith who's …


Hi Lisa I think you're really nice
I read recently a sits show article today but can't find the link. How voting or even registering voting is a sign of our consent and spiritual capitulation where the cabal can the ride roughshod over us
Well no more.
I have read about Sanders approx 1970 some articles he wrote. He had some odd strange repulsive thoughts about marriage and relationships and sexuality . Very odd guy to be involved in our public life. And then I've read and seen elsewhere on articles and YouTube. Sanders when challenged by truth seeker journalists asking very valid piercing right on questions. Responded with a wall of standard bullshit. Defending the whole political system. It's clear to me he's a high Freemason at least.  Let's not talk about insane Hitlary. I think we can agree, she needs dismantling thrown into the galactic central sun.  Let's not forget Trump, I commented a while back is a Jesuit, and Jesuits and their order are crypto J…