Thursday, December 31, 2015

Trying to get to the bottom of the West/East NWO Jesus Christ /Antichrist Unfolding Deceptions: And yet Supreme Evil (Satan), the spirit world, and Spiritual Protection are still real?


I put on hold and might withdraw my recent comments about Jesus Christ, and the Yahweh God/ Satan good evil dialectic. I have an open mind and my investigations continue. If you get time DM I really recommend you read Kenneths article here
It appears to be a 3 step deception, and the 1000 yr Kingdom of Christ is what the globalists are after, in step 3 , I think starting in 2023.
Kenneth explains well, how the Bible itself, is a deception.

 Niggling unanswered questions in my mind remain though:

– If Jesus Christ (leaving aside debate when he was supposed to have existed and who he was) is a big globalist scam. And as Kenneth points out why have they waited 2000 yrs before trying to pull the second coming nonsense off? Because its only now, with the trillions of black budget technologies that will look exactly like Supernatural Magic phenomena…..have they been able to pull it off successfully.

– This still doesn’t explain to me. What about the Satanists/luciferians. Like the types in your planned parenthood articles, the master witch going round casting spells for the rich and famous. Also this guy Dublinmick
Morneau, who seems genuine when he explains his past as a high level luciferian Satanist. Demonic spirits would give him winning horse tips to place bets.
Also spirits, he explained, offer tangible real world help for demon worshippers, to become powerful. The typewriters in the law office for example typing legal documents by themselves. That the lawyer would sell and become very well off. many more examples of demonic help for those that sell their souls….

– If all this tapping into evil spirits and supernatural forces is true. Yet Jesus Christ is a Deception. Where does that leave the innocent good men and women of this world, ? If a supremely evil force such as Satan is real? Does it mean we should just drop the jesus Christ belief and simply believe in God, and the goodness and being kind to our family, friends, and fellow men? Is Jesus Christ a globalist deception as Kenneth says? But Positive spiritual forces, God, and spiritual protection are still real?

Your thoughts and guidance on this will be much appreciated DM thanks