Judaism is only 0.2% Of The Population: Is It Really One Of The 'Three Great Abrahamic Religions'?

Does Judaism deserve to be included and spoken of as one of the 'Three Great Abrahamic Religions?'
Considering the numbers below?
What's going on with our Jewish friends?
Interesting to contemplate
Nancy C from Seattle
I am frankly getting sick & tired of the false numeric equivalency of the “3 great Abrahamic religions” considering the actual breakdown – Christianity leads at 31%, Islam is 2nd with 22% and Judaism is 11th at zero.2 % of the global population; 2% of US population. True 40% of American billionaires are Jewish; every Fed chairman since at least William Miller, installed in 1978 has been Jewish; 1/3rd of the US Supreme Court is Jewish and 95% of MSM are owned by Jewish corporations but was it really necessary for President Trump to use his Easter Day speech to rub the remaining 98% of American’s noses in our systemic bondage? Kevin Barret of Veteran’s Today nailed it: “Trumps Easter Message: ‘Jews Rule! Happy Passover!”

KISSINGER – A LAWLESS DOUBLE AGENT: Why is a man of 93 years still kicking around, managing all the White House presidents since his arrival?

ndDecent people are sick and tired of this corruption and we demand that law enforcement and the courts act immediately in reigning in this terrorism. There is no person in our country that should be allowed to operate above and beyond the laws of our land. We want to see George Bush Senior called out for his life-long crime spree. We want to know his involvement with the assassination of our beloved JFK, and untimely death of John Junior, up to his involvement of 911. 
We want to see the domestic terrorists of 911 be arrested and tried for their heinous crimes. And we don’t give a rat’s-ass who these people are. Their illustrious names and backgrounds mean nothing to us because they have killed our fellow citizens with their wars and false flags, shackled our liberties with their domestic laws and spying, stolen our wealth through their corrupt banking system, and dismantled the foundation of morality and decency upon which all great civilizations must be reliant uponAnd most importan…

Who Is The Soul You're Physically Connecting With? And Why Were You Drawn To Them In The First Place?

Have you ever felt such a strong bond to someone that you feel extreme empathy toward them, even if you don’t know them well at all? From an energetic perspective, this is because we’re all deeply connected and because we’re vulnerable to other people’s frequencies. It is said that you should choose your five closest friends wisely for this reason, as their vibration will affect your own. I would argue that you should exercise caution when choosing your sexual partners for this exact same reason as well.
If you’re having sex with someone, an act that physically connects you in the deepest way possible, it makes sense that their energy would be imposed on you. Furthermore, it is said that when you have sex with someone, their aura leaves an imprint on you that is difficult to energetically cleanse yourself from. So, if you’re sleeping with someone who has slept with ten people in the past, and that individual hasn’t cleansed themselves from their former partners’ energies before, you …

Manhattan Dermatology, $4.55 Billion and The September 11th Connection

Dermatology Specialist Aesthetic Care in Manhattan is amongst the best in the world. For example one of our patients has really nice skin and a most beautiful appearance. We are proud to say we saved our patient's life on September 11th morning whilst making him highly desirable and fanciable at the same time!  



Rothschild Agent Merkel Migrant U-Turn: Cash Incentives For Repatriation. Has The NWO Suffered a Major Blow?

IDSW- Why such a 180 degree about turn from Zionist agent Merkel ? Is this a real policy shift that will stop and reverse the destruction of Europe and dilution of the Northern European White races just in time? Has the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan and Frankfurt Fabian Marxist school agenda come under serious pushback?

Has there been a behind the scenes change of deep state faction? Is the Soros/Rothschild evil nexus now on the ropes? And might this have anything to do with Freemason Netanyahu being investigated now for fraud and corruption?

You Can Opt Out of a Full Body Scan at Airports. Frequent Flyers Especially Take Note. DNA Damage Cancer Proven by Los Alamos Lab

This is an appeal to everyone. You can opt out of a full body scan at an airport. Don't be pressurised by ignorant family members who belittle and browbeat you psychologically to ' just not bother ' fuck that .

This is a vitally important part of the Spiritual War we are engaged in. REFUSE TO WALK THROUGH A FULL BODY SCANNER JUST LIKE YOU WOULD REFUSE A SMARTMETER IN YOUR HOME. This conspiracy attack is full on. Note below you can be obstinate putting your arm in a sling. Be polite but firm when dealing with airport TSA staff- IDSW
Be advised, you can opt out of airport scanners. I have flown half a dozen times over the past few years and I always avoid the scanners. Just tell the TSA agent you want to opt out and allot yourself extra time accordingly.

Fukushima 2011: Not a Natural Accident Just Like Chernobyl 1986. Both done by the same Rothschild Zionist Sick Thugs

In a concerning report, IDSW blog research team chooses to hold off judgment until all the facts are in. Unless the Keshe Foundation is a hoax apart from the successes of the Magrav  plasma pens and pain pads. Reports are that Keshe GANS Magrav technology is making Fukushima safe. Let's hang fire until we know more. - IDSW


The Israeli computer virus ‘Stuxnet’ caused the failure of the back up cooling system at Fukushima. The artificial earthquake was created to false flag the Fukushima ‘accident’. Stuxnet was created by an Israeli team headed by Chief of Staff Gen Gabby Ashkenazi. The Israeli security company Magna was responsible for security at Fukushima. The Reactor 3 explosion was a nuclear device, not hydrogen gas. The mushroom cloud was brown like a nuclear explosion.

Sigils, Sacred Geometry, The Qube: PUT SIGILS EVERYWHERE

Tyla Gabriel in Michigan USA and her husband Douglas are two people bringing us great gifts to the world. SIGIL DOWNLOAD put them everywhere you can think of

The world is changing fast and it's high time many people on the fence open their minds and realise physics and metaphysics Government has lied to us since birth. However for some reason now , galaxy and solar system changes mean the time of Truth Awakening and Metaphysical DNA awakening inevitable no matter how much Government elites try and distract and suppress it.

Cancer Overview: Toxic Underfunctioning Mitochondria In An Oxygen Poor Cellular Environment

Cancer is a metabolic disease with a hallmark feature of under functioning toxic metal and chemical laden impaired mitochondria. The tissues and cells operate in a low energy generating,  oxygen poor anaerobic state and environment.

Energy ATP is the life currency of all cellular and bodily processes.

Certain minerals, are the spark plugs of life and consciousness and have transmutational as well as acting as Interdimensional bridges too.

Alkaline reserve minerals in the correct bioavailable forms whilst simultaneously applying body detoxification mechanism strategies to throw off the toxic metal and chemical onslaught, are helpful.
Cancer thrives in an acid cellular environment. There is some debate whether the alkaline reserve minerals from a variety of cooked vegetables adequately alkalise and remineralise the body. Or whether baking soda can provide the main thrust of this job (Simoncini etc). IDSW blog will examine these issues in depth in future posts

31st January 2017: WHY IS EARTHS SCHUMANN RESONANCE ACCELERATING? For the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance has reached frequencies of 36+.

This is a big deal. In 2014, it was considered anomalous for the frequency to have risen from it’s usual 7.83 frequency to somewhere in the 15-25 levels.

Here is what it looked like in 2014:

And an article discussing how strange this was back in 2014:

Now it is spiking at well over 30 for the past two days.



It has long been suspected that human consciousness can impact the magnetic field and create disturbances in it, particularly during moments of HIGH ANXIETY, INTENSITY, TENSION AND PASSION :



According to the above article, “As human beings we have extraordinary potentials we have hardly begun to study much less understand. Creative gifts, intuitions, and tale…

STOP PRESS: DNA Is Not Like We Have Been Told: It and Life Itself Materialises Out Of Thin Air Anywhere In The Universe

Scientific Experiments Show That DNA Begins as a Quantum Wave and Not as a Molecule-----------------Yet more lies about life and reality and who we are and our universe exposed in this Gamechanging Paradigm Busting Expose.  Let's look for how all this connects and interrelates to Mehran Keshe Foundations Plasma Magrav Free energy and healing technologies - Adam
------------------ One strand of DNA from one single cell contains enough information to clone an entire organism. Obviously, understanding DNA allows us to understand much about life and the universe around us. A deeper understanding of the new science tell us that DNA beings not as a molecule, but as a wave form. Even more interestingly, this wave form exists as a pattern within time and space and is coded throughout the entire universe.
We are surrounded by pulsating waves of invisible genetic information, whose waves create microscopic gravitatio…

Language Of Love Meditation

Language of Love Meditation (Beautiful photos will be added soon to enhance this post)
There is a flow of divine love energy that is naturally flowing through all things in creation. This flow is made of a variety of messages coming directly from Source, all of them creating the dance of the richness of creation.
This flow of Love comes to us, and through us, in the form of sacred, pure, sexual expression.
Separation of Love and Sexuality is a program created by dark forces. Repression or hijacking of sexuality are also programs created by the dark forces.
All teachers who had a true connection spoke of the importance and sacredness of sexuality, including Jesus and Madgalene.
Sexual intercourse is an important part of sexual energy, however sexual energy exists way beyond it. It is our very life force. This is why when an animal or a human is castrated, it looses its spirit of freedom, it becomes a sheep, …

Joseph Farrell at Gizadeathstar: Problems with Sitchin , his Translations and Conclusions

This is a highly interesting article I'm yet to fully read through and absorb. However initial suggestions by Farrell are of Sitchin's limited worldview with regards technology, not seeing past rockets and bombs and planets colliding as what went on in the past.  Joseph Farrell appears to be a rigorous brilliant Truthseeking open minded researcher with no agenda.  Commenters at the end saying he is being too generous about Sitchin, saying he had a ' limited worldview' .  But could it have been more than that? Could Freemason Sitchin have been acting on behalf of the cabal to infuse a distracting deceptive narrative during these 3D to 5D End Times? On a personal level having Sitchin and Nibiru discredited by someone like Farrell is a comfort - Adam ------------------------  I often get asked the question "What do you think of Zechariah Sitchin?" In fact, I get aksed that question so much that I am going to attempt to deal with it here.  Throughout my ancient tec…

Mindblowing Topic: Biophotons. It has been documented that human cells EMIT 100,000 photons per second. It seems these Biophotons are Qi/Etheric Energy. This might be how the healing machine technology works in Elysium with Matt Damon

I think biophotons are interesting things. And from the limited reading I've done so far, mean a photon is much more than a particle of light. It might have Interdimensional qualities too acting as a packet of information. It seems biophotons interact with our DNA. The ' junk' DNA areas I think, and perhaps activate human special abilities. Of course it raises the questions, just what is our origins, who on earth made all this junk DNA and why make it switched off until now? And is Darwinism all lies to misdirect us from real truth about our origins? Quite a lying cover up if this is correct. 

Another interesting question arises:  biophotons interacting with our DNA to activate it. I suppose this is DNA all over the body, the knees, the skin, the heart. As well as the pineal glands DNA? Therefore divine spiritual activation/evolution jump of the human race isn't just the pineal gland? However perhaps the DMT hormone the pineal gland secretes goes round the body and ente…

Reading this I realised from everything going back to childhood upto now I'm a Starseed: Are You One Too?

The Starseed Experience: Traits and Characteristics
Many starseeds have an extreme sensitivity to alcohol, drugs, and typically any medicine, while others tend to have an extremely high tolerance to such things. All such physical tendencies such as these can vary depending on the individual and can fluctuate over time. This is true with most people but starseeds tend to be at a higher risk and must try to avoid withdrawing into escapism involving abuse of any substance (or abuse of anything as a rule) to cope with reality or deal with pain. This can cloud the starseed vision and delay their progress, but if it occurs early in life it can often lead to deep insight and life changing experiences which pave the way for their later awakening. The more awakened a starseed becomes, the less they rely on, desire or can even tolerate certain chemical substances. Most will then continue to make more conscious and positive decisions regarding their health in general.
A majority of starseeds even…

The Adrenal Glands: Adrenal Fatigue, Toxic Metal Accumulation (Chemtrails) and Lyme Disease

When dealing with chronic Lyme disease, always worth realising and remembering that reversing adrenal fatigue and nourishing the adrenal glands can be a major important strategy. If all else fails it should be remembered that Dr Wilson NB science with the hair unwashed at Arizona labs plus the lifestyle strategies can be a major support to the adrenal thyroid gland axis that takes into account 21 st century chemtrailing: something TCM doctors are unaware about and don't realise Chinese herbs have loads of toxic metals in now. - Adam ( Will try and make this blog more exciting once I work out how to paste photos in ) ----------------------------------------- We previously discussed how Lyme disease has an effect on adrenal health since Borrelia infection causes chronic stress. This stress forces the adrenal glands to maintain a high level of function for an extended period of time, eventually wearing themselves out and dropping into adrenal fatigue.…

Nikola Tesla Free Energy being used in Antarctic Bases? And What's Secretary Kerry Heinz Doing in Antarctica on Election Day?

Watching Michael Palins Pole to Pole episode in Antarctica is interesting.  He says only 4 months of the year is possible to be there, rest of the year it's far too inhospitable and bases get closed.

However I do t think that's the true situation in Antarctica. Free Energy Nikola Tesla technology could make a beautifully warm ambient environment either underground or within sealed surface habitation zones. Come to think I it,
If Secret Government Black and Beyond Black scientists and researchers have Free Energy to play with. I imagine they could very easily simulate light sources with similar beneficial frequencies just like our Sun. Who knows what's going on down there in Antarctica ?  Shocking when you think about it when elderly pensioners in England have to decide between heating their homes this winter, or eating. While the technology exists for abundance and warmth for everyone .  How much longer will this bare  faced lying and technology suppression and economic slav…

High Octane Questions and Speculations about just what's going on over at Saturn and what's the story with the Moon and Ceres and Jupiter and our entire history: What the Hells going on?

I'm left wondering just what's been going on in our past here on earth and the solar system. Serious questions are arising in my mind. The people who shaped and created the moon and Ceres wanted us to have these clues to start asking questions.  - Why would they have left these mathematical clues? It appears the Moon had to be this way to enable life to exist on Earth. Earths tilt is because of the moon ensuring an equal bathing of sunlight  - Could these highly advanced Builders have left these maths clues of earth, sun, moon and Ceres because they knew tyranny and suppressed knowledge from the masses by elites would happen . Maybe these clues have been serious time bomb triggers to get humanity to seriously ask questions and question the reality we are told exists around us by our 'Leaders' and society ?
- The intrigue and excitement doesn't stop here. Serious evidence exists the pyramid network round the globe has been an anode cathode network , to bring negative…