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KISSINGER – A LAWLESS DOUBLE AGENT: Why is a man of 93 years still kicking around, managing all the White House presidents since his arrival?

ndDecent people are sick and tired of this corruption and we demand that law enforcement and the courts act immediately in reigning in this terrorism. There is no person in our country that should be allowed to operate above and beyond the laws of our land. We want to see George Bush Senior called out for his life-long crime spree. We want to know his involvement with the assassination of our beloved JFK, and untimely death of John Junior, up to his involvement of 911. 
We want to see the domestic terrorists of 911 be arrested and tried for their heinous crimes. And we don’t give a rat’s-ass who these people are. Their illustrious names and backgrounds mean nothing to us because they have killed our fellow citizens with their wars and false flags, shackled our liberties with their domestic laws and spying, stolen our wealth through their corrupt banking system, and dismantled the foundation of morality and decency upon which all great civilizations must be reliant uponAnd most important why aren’t we laser focused on taking down public enemy #1 Henry Kissinger and his ruling mob at the Council on Foreign Relations? From the time he arrived on the political scene with his heavy German accent and his dark background, no one in the media ever questioned his real back story and agenda. Why is a man of 93 years still kicking around, managing all the White House presidents since his arrival? Who is the head of America’s crime family—this Henry Kissinger?

Who Is The Soul You're Physically Connecting With? And Why Were You Drawn To Them In The First Place?

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Have you ever felt such a strong bond to someone that you feel extreme empathy toward them, even if you don’t know them well at all? From an energetic perspective, this is because we’re all deeply connected and because we’re vulnerable to other people’s frequencies. It is said that you should choose your five closest friends wisely for this reason, as their vibration will affect your own. I would argue that you should exercise caution when choosing your sexual partners for this exact same reason as well.

If you’re having sex with someone, an act that physically connects you in the deepest way possible, it makes sense that their energy would be imposed on you. Furthermore, it is said that when you have sex with someone, their aura leaves an imprint on you that is difficult to energetically cleanse yourself from. So, if you’re sleeping with someone who has slept with ten people in the past, and that individual hasn’t cleansed themselves from their former partners’ energies before, you may be susceptible to eleven people’s energies. This also creates an energetic tie between you, and if you’re not mindfully detaching yourself from your sexual partner, then it makes perfect sense that we “become attached” and disregard the whole “no strings attached” theory.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Manhattan Dermatology, $4.55 Billion and The September 11th Connection

Dermatology Specialist Aesthetic Care in Manhattan is amongst the best in the world. For example one of our patients has really nice skin and a most beautiful appearance. We are proud to say we saved our patient's life on September 11th morning whilst making him highly desirable and fanciable at the same time!  

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Rothschild Agent Merkel Migrant U-Turn: Cash Incentives For Repatriation. Has The NWO Suffered a Major Blow?

IDSW- Why such a 180 degree about turn from Zionist agent Merkel ? Is this a real policy shift that will stop and reverse the destruction of Europe and dilution of the Northern European White races just in time? Has the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan and Frankfurt Fabian Marxist school agenda come under serious pushback?

Has there been a behind the scenes change of deep state faction? Is the Soros/Rothschild evil nexus now on the ropes? And might this have anything to do with Freemason Netanyahu being investigated now for fraud and corruption?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You Can Opt Out of a Full Body Scan at Airports. Frequent Flyers Especially Take Note. DNA Damage Cancer Proven by Los Alamos Lab

This is an appeal to everyone. You can opt out of a full body scan at an airport. Don't be pressurised by ignorant family members who belittle and browbeat you psychologically to ' just not bother ' fuck that .

This is a vitally important part of the Spiritual War we are engaged in. REFUSE TO WALK THROUGH A FULL BODY SCANNER JUST LIKE YOU WOULD REFUSE A SMARTMETER IN YOUR HOME. This conspiracy attack is full on. Note below you can be obstinate putting your arm in a sling. Be polite but firm when dealing with airport TSA staff- IDSW
Be advised, you can opt out of airport scanners. I have flown half a dozen times over the past few years and I always avoid the scanners. Just tell the TSA agent you want to opt out and allot yourself extra time accordingly.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Fukushima 2011: Not a Natural Accident Just Like Chernobyl 1986. Both done by the same Rothschild Zionist Sick Thugs

In a concerning report, IDSW blog research team chooses to hold off judgment until all the facts are in. Unless the Keshe Foundation is a hoax apart from the successes of the Magrav  plasma pens and pain pads. Reports are that Keshe GANS Magrav technology is making Fukushima safe. Let's hang fire until we know more. - IDSW


The Israeli computer virus ‘Stuxnet’ caused the failure of the back up cooling system at Fukushima. The artificial earthquake was created to false flag the Fukushima ‘accident’. Stuxnet was created by an Israeli team headed by Chief of Staff Gen Gabby Ashkenazi. The Israeli security company Magna was responsible for security at Fukushima. The Reactor 3 explosion was a nuclear device, not hydrogen gas. The mushroom cloud was brown like a nuclear explosion.

Sigils, Sacred Geometry, The Qube, Synergy with Keshe Foundation GANS technology: PUT SIGILS EVERYWHERE

Tyla Gabriel in Michigan USA and her husband Douglas are two people bringing us great gifts to the world. SIGIL DOWNLOAD put them everywhere you can think of

The world is changing fast and it's high time many people on the fence open their minds and realise physics and metaphysics Government has lied to us since birth. However for some reason now , galaxy and solar system changes mean the time of Truth Awakening and Metaphysical DNA awakening inevitable no matter how much Government elites try and distract and suppress it.

Cancer Overview: Toxic Underfunctioning Mitochondria In An Oxygen Poor Cellular Environment

Cancer is a metabolic disease with a hallmark feature of under functioning toxic metal and chemical laden impaired mitochondria. The tissues and cells operate in a low energy generating,  oxygen poor anaerobic state and environment.

Energy ATP is the life currency of all cellular and bodily processes.

Certain minerals, are the spark plugs of life and consciousness and have transmutational as well as acting as Interdimensional bridges too.

Alkaline reserve minerals in the correct bioavailable forms whilst simultaneously applying body detoxification mechanism strategies to throw off the toxic metal and chemical onslaught, are helpful.
Cancer thrives in an acid cellular environment. There is some debate whether the alkaline reserve minerals from a variety of cooked vegetables adequately alkalise and remineralise the body. Or whether baking soda can provide the main thrust of this job (Simoncini etc). IDSW blog will examine these issues in depth in future posts

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Mehran Keshe Plasma Free Energy: Positive Results From VT Veterans Today

For those of you who don’t know, Mehran T. Keshe is an Oxford trained physicist, one time researcher (nuclear weapons researcher our investigations indicate) for the British MOD (Ministry of Defense) who now heads the equivalent of a worldwide cult.   Keshe claims his physics, using different laws than are taught today, make free energy and even space travel, real space travel, a possibility.

The Aether/Qi/Orgone/Etheric Energy was mainstream in physics until the Clark-Maxwell equations, that electricity, gravity and magnetism are the same thing and powerful people don’t want this to be known.

Monday, February 06, 2017

31st January 2017: WHY IS EARTHS SCHUMANN RESONANCE ACCELERATING? For the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance has reached frequencies of 36+.

This is a big deal. In 2014, it was considered anomalous for the frequency to have risen from it’s usual 7.83 frequency to somewhere in the 15-25 levels.

Here is what it looked like in 2014:

And an article discussing how strange this was back in 2014:

Now it is spiking at well over 30 for the past two days.




It has long been suspected that human consciousness can impact the magnetic field and create disturbances in it, particularly during moments of HIGH ANXIETY, INTENSITY, TENSION AND PASSION :



According to the above article, “As human beings we have extraordinary potentials we have hardly begun to study much less understand. Creative gifts, intuitions, and talents that are unpredictable or emergent may become stabilized in generations to come. Hopefully, we can learn to understand both our emergence from an essentially electromagnetic environment and facilitate our potential for healing, growth and non-local communication.”

Many have been reporting the feeling that time has been speeding up. Could the increased frequencies have something to do with this?  How and where does falling deeply intensely passionately in love liking someone so much, desiring, wanting them fit into this?

Monday, January 30, 2017

STOP PRESS: DNA Is Not Like We Have Been Told: It and Life Itself Materialises Out Of Thin Air Anywhere In The Universe

Scientific Experiments Show That DNA Begins as a Quantum Wave and Not as a Molecule


Yet more lies about life and reality and who we are and our universe exposed in this Gamechanging Paradigm Busting Expose.  Let's look for how all this connects and interrelates to Mehran Keshe Foundations Plasma Magrav Free energy and healing technologies - Adam


One strand of DNA from one single cell contains enough information to clone an entire organism. Obviously, understanding DNA allows us to understand much about life and the universe around us. 

A deeper understanding of the new science tell us that DNA beings not as a molecule, but as a wave form. Even more interestingly, this wave form exists as a pattern within time and space and is coded throughout the entire universe.

We are surrounded by pulsating waves of invisible genetic information, whose waves create microscopic gravitational forces that pull in atoms and molecules from their surrounding environment to construct DNA.


One scientist who caught these microgravitational forces in their action is Dr. Sergey Leikin. In 2008, Leikin put different types of DNA in regular salt water and marked each type with a different fluorescent color and the DNA molecules were then scattered throughout the water. In the experiment’s major surprise, matching DNA molecules were found pairing together. 

After a short time, entire clusters of the same colored DNA molecules had formed. Leikin believes some sort of electromagnetic charge allowed the same colored molecules to cluster. However, other experiments show that this is not the case. That it is most likely to be gravity. Let us explain.

In 2011, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier demonstrated that DNA can be spontaneously formed out of merely hydrogen and oxygen. He started out with a hermetically sealed tube of pure sterilized water and then placed another sealed tube next to it, which had small amounts of DNA floating in water. 

Montagnier then electrified both tubes with a weak, 7 hertz electromagnetic field and waited. 18 hours later, little pieces of DNA had grown in the original tube, which consisted of only pure sterilized water.


This new science tells us that the universe is constantly conspiring to make biological life, whenever and wherever it can. In any given area of the universe, these hidden microgravitational waves will begin gathering atoms and molecules together to create DNA, and thus, life.

Another phenomenal discovery was made when Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp caught DNA in the act of pulling in photons (tiny packets of energy that make up visible light). The new science reveals that photons are essential to the basic health and function of DNA and are apparently used to send and receive information throughout the body. He found that each DNA molecule stores up to 1,000 photons within itself, similar to that of a tiny fiber-optic cable. The photons shoot back and forth at the speed of light inside the molecule and are stored until they need to be used.

In 1984, Russian scientist Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that when a DNA molecule was placed inside a small quartz container, it naturally absorbed every photon in the room. A stunning analogy of this would be that of a single person standing in a large sports stadium and having every photon in the stadium somehow bending directly to that person, leaving that person’s body literally glowing with light, while the rest of the stadium goes completely dark.


In conventional science, the only force that can bend light is gravity and it is done only around a black hole. Thus, it appears DNA is generating a microgravitational effect that attracts and captures light. Looking back to the first experiment mentioned in this article by Dr. Leikin, we see that it is indeed likely not an electrical charge that forced or allowed the same DNA molecules to attract to one other, but is likely due to gravity, as electrical charges have never been able to bend light as it moves through space.

The most incredible part of Dr. Gariaev’s experiment came when he thought it was over. He had pulled out the DNA from the quartz container and looked back into the container only to find that photons were still spiraling in the exact same place where the DNA had been. Apparently, some sort of gravitational influence was holding photons right where the DNA had been. This later became called the “DNA phantom effect. Thus, DNA is creating an energetic force that absorbs photons and pulls them right into the molecule, but the DNA itself isn’t even needed. It is some invisible force, or some wave, that attracts and holds the light (photons) there all by itself.

Dr. Gariaev found that he could “blast” the phantom with supercold liquid nitrogen gas and the photons would all escape from the force field. Within 5 to 8 minutes though, new photons would be captured and the entire phantom would reappear. He could keep doing this as much as he wanted, but new photons would keep appearing. In fact, it was only after doing this for 30 days straight that the photons finally did not reappear.

Certainly, this last experiment was done over 30 years ago, and yet, the significance of it has yet to be truly felt. The first two experiments are still relatively young and have also yet to be fully appreciated. Clearly though, our view of the universe and life itself is changing as these concepts are understood by more people each day.

Language Of Love Meditation

Language of Love Meditation

(Beautiful photos will be added soon to enhance this post)
There is a flow of divine love energy that is naturally flowing through all things in creation. This flow is made of a variety of messages coming directly from Source, all of them creating the dance of the richness of creation.

This flow of Love comes to us, and through us, in the form of sacred, pure, sexual expression.

Separation of Love and Sexuality is a program created by dark forces.
Repression or hijacking of sexuality are also programs created by the dark forces.

All teachers who had a true connection spoke of the importance and sacredness of sexuality, including Jesus and Madgalene.

Sexual intercourse is an important part of sexual energy, however sexual energy exists way beyond it.
It is our very life force. This is why when an animal or a human is castrated, it looses its spirit of freedom, it becomes a sheep, domesticated.
The dark forces program aims exactly at this, at castrating humans energetically.

Let's take the first steps in removing this program now.

The first key of sacred sexuality is that the energy must be accepted, and allowed to flow within oneself, according to one's own nature. If it is not allowed to flow within, it will not disappear, it is bound to express in all kinds of distorted ways like in a pressure cooker. Only when it is allowed, can it express again its true original nature, which is always positive, loving, harmonious.

This following meditation was created to assist us in re-connecting fully with our sexual energy and its true nature.

 Please read all the instructions until the end before starting it :

1. Find a place where you can be alone and un-interrupted, where you can feel safe and in your own energy, for at least 10 minutes, and settle comfortably.

2. Observe all the movements of energy, all the impulses that are happening in your body. See the original, raw, true nature of all these impulses, see that it is always simply wanting Love, wanting to give and to receive Love, on all levels. See the sexual nature of these impulses : the desire to experience true Love with all your being, physically and non-physically. See this in your whole being : in your guts, in your heart, in your brain, in your sexual organs, in all your chakras, in each of your cells in your whole being.
Allow all of these raw, original, un-processed impulses from Source to express freely and fully within you, to flow freely where they are meant to, anywhere inside of your body.

Take your time to do this.

You can use this music to do this meditation if you wish. The title and inspiration of the song is Rasa Lila, which means the Language, the Dance of Love, between Shakti and Shiva, the pure divine feminine and divine masculine energies.

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GANS Magrav Plasma Keshe Foundation Free Energy and Healing Self Build Technologies: Time to take things to a whole other level and start expressing our Will and Remodelling the world around us

This is an essential first posting of what will be an evolving article over time- there may even be several separate KF research posts as I attempt to make sense if all this and lay it out so things can be worked on easily by all of us and Manifest our Satya Yuga GOLDEN AGE SECOND RENAISSANCE.

It is time we all sit up and take notice of what's just going on over at the Keshe Foundation. He's giving free blueprints out too. Admittedly it is hard to at first glance know where to start with everything. IDSW blog will document developments with all this hopefully making this into a go to Hub for Free Energy self building, Plasma Magrav healing ideas and distilling essential methods taught on Keshes YouTube symposium workshops as well as other independent KF researchers


The tool in his right hand is a combination of magnets and plasma instruments. The magnets are used to focus the plasma field a few centimetres away from the device itself – in this case, the field was set up to surround a breast tumour. The results were outstanding, but too fast.

Now, you might be thinking that the plasma field somehow kills the cancer, but you would be wrong. The hypothesis is FAR stranger. If we look at Mr Keshe’s model of health and disease, we find that the emotional brain and the seat of the soul play an incredibly important role.

If the emotional brain can be given the wherewithal to come back into balance, it will simply not support the illness any longer. So it will re-instructs the physical brain, which immediately goes about remodeling the physical body in a similar way to the genetically modified seeds remodeling themselves back to their original design. This of course is a radically different perspective on health and disease, and yet, the results I have shown you, speak for themselves.

So in my introductory Plasma article, I gave you an over-view of what will be possible with plasma technology in the future. Then in the Plasma part 1 and Plasma part 2 I have explained what plasma is and how we can work with it. In this article I have demonstrated just the beginning of plasma applications, and as you can see, these first steps have already revolutionised the nuclear industry, agriculture and medicine.

And yet, believe it or not, I have kept this article very grounded. I have not introduced any of the more remarkable experiments, because I know I have already stretched many of my readers beyond their breaking point. But this is the future that is coming to us all. It is a remarkable future, where solutions to many of the world’s problems are coming into view for the first time in human history.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Joseph Farrell at Gizadeathstar: Problems with Sitchin , his Translations and Conclusions

This is a highly interesting article I'm yet to fully read through and absorb. However initial suggestions by Farrell are of Sitchin's limited worldview with regards technology, not seeing past rockets and bombs and planets colliding as what went on in the past.  Joseph Farrell appears to be a rigorous brilliant Truthseeking open minded researcher with no agenda.  Commenters at the end saying he is being too generous about Sitchin, saying he had a ' limited worldview' .  But could it have been more than that? Could Freemason Sitchin have been acting on behalf of the cabal to infuse a distracting deceptive narrative during these 3D to 5D End Times? On a personal level having Sitchin and Nibiru discredited by someone like Farrell is a comfort - Adam
 I often get asked the question "What do you think of Zechariah Sitchin?" In fact, I get aksed that question so much that I am going to attempt to deal with it here.  Throughout my ancient technology books I have referred to Sitchin a great deal. There is no denying his views have been influential both upon me and many others. That said, I do have problems with his work, and they are major, but in the main they may be broken down into three classes: (1) idiosyncratic translations; (2) his "big picture;" and (3) failure to follow up legitimate insights. Let's take the last two first, and deal with translations at the end, because there is where I have some problems with his detractors as well. FULL ARTICLE
The "Big Picture":
Most everyone familiar with the late Zechariah Sitchin's works are familiar with his uncanny ability to ferret out the obscure, all in aid of a grand scenario that included colliding planets, Annunaki-bearing rocket ships from Nibiru bearing gods who come to Earth, genetically engineer a slave species (that's us incidentally) to mine gold which they could reduce to a powder and spray their atmosphere (on Nibiru of course) in some sort of ancient chemtrails operation. As I've attempted to outline in my bookThe Cosmic War I have problems with the whole "catastrophist" reading of such references in ancient texts to begin with, with colliding planets, planetary explosions, and so on. Beyond that, however, there is the persistent inability of Sitchin to envision any technology or physics more advanced than rocket ships and nuclear weapons. In some sense then, my books could, I suppose, be taken to be a sort of "response," or rather, alternative examination of such texts, to show that there might be other possibilities of interpretation. Certainly I wouldn't maintain my own scenario(s) dogmatically. They are exercises in interpretation, as if to say, "If there are technologies implied in these texts, they do not necessarily have to be rocket ships and nuclear weapons." There are other possibilities.
Failure to Follow Up Legitimate Insights
This to me was always one of the fundamental problems with Sitchin (not to mention the most fundamental of them all, translations). For example, Sitchin in his book The Wars of Gods and Menmakes a long, somewhat torturous and involved argument that theLugal-e refers to the Great Pyramid as a weapon. Having made this rather astonishing observation, Sitchin never followed up on it, perhaps because the type of weaponry implied did not fit the rocket ships and nuclear weapons that became a part of his model. There are other such insights, for example, his attempt(s) to relate or identify the various gods in respective pantheons on the basis of his translational work. But he avails himself little of the insights of de Santillana or von Dechend, or Lockyear, and other such studies which approach that problem not so much from the standpoint of philology but astronomy.  To me, this was always one of the most frustrating aspects of reading Sitchin. And this leads us to my final, and largest problem:
Anyone who has read Sitchin will initially be impressed with his apparent knowledge of ancient and obscure languages, and his apparent ability to recast translations of standard words (Dur-an-ki comes to mind here) in the service of his larger model. Sumerian and Assyrian and Akkadian cuneiograms that resemble cylinders with points, for example, are sometimes understood to be "rockets," and so on. While it is true that such cuneiograms are very evocative in their symbolic possibilities, Sitchin would have done better simply to utilize standard academic translations (which he references in his bibliographies) and to argue his case rather than twist the translations themselves.
By the same token, however, it seems to me that to attempt to discredit Sitchin (or anyone else for that matter that resorts to translational "reconstruction") simply on the basis of thumping one's academic credentials and saying that "you must trust me here because I'm an expert" is rather like the scientific magisterium which often does the same thing when it thumps its equations and says certain things are impossible because they do not fit some standard academic model of what is possible, and what is not. Such approaches or arguments from authority simply - in my opinion - will fall on deaf ears since most people are not in the position of doing tensor calculus, or for that matter, Assyrian or Akkadian, on a daily basis. Anyone who has studied such languages knows how deep and complex they are and how multi-layered meanings are possible in them. It might even be said that, so far as Sumerian is concerned, that we see that language "through an Akkadian glass darkly." (That remark, incidentally, is that of Dietz Otto Edzard, in Sumerian Grammar, Brill, 2003, p. 7.)
One can, for example, come up with fascinating explanations of the technological possibilities implied by ancient monuments and texts based on those standard models of physics (see, for example, the fascinating work of Edward Malkowski or Chris Dunn); or one can, as I attempt to do in my various books, utilize less-well known and even disputed models of physics - torsion explanations of gravity for example - to explain the same things; while the resulting explanations will be different, both approaches seem legitimate to me as we're all trying to unravel a puzzle that appears to challenge the standard models of history that reign within academia. Philology alone will not get rid of the technological and historical problems posed by those monuments, or for that matter, some ancient texts.
My personal approach therefore has always been somewhat different than a philological one, and that has been to assume, for the sake of argument, that such "Sitchinesque" scenarios might be implied by standard translations, or, for that matter, idiosyncratic ones, and then to argue on the basis of the technological and scientific possibilities that those represent. Cast in this fashion, one has to deal with the "larger picture" implied and the issues it represents, rather than with the minutiae of philology exclusively. My approach has been to raise the issues, not for a philological response, but for an apologetic one. In that sense, then, philological arguments certainly are not excluded, but become part of the puzzle, rather than a be-all and end-all "trump card" to be played whenever such issues are implied. But by the same token, such an approach excludes the response "you must trust what I say because I'm an expert in this narrow area." Such a response is not an argument, it is only the basis for an argument, and no one, in my opinion, regardless of their expertise in this or that subject area, can afford an attitude of pride of position simply because of their given expertise.
But lest I be mistaken here, no one should be dismissed because of their given area of expertise either. I have been repeatedly attacked in certain quarters because my academic background is patristics, a field demanding a lot of languages, philosophy, history, law, science, and so on. As if that disqualifies me from forming opinions about certain things and arguing those opinions. Thus to say that philologists have nothing to contribute to the discussion of the possibilities of ancient technologies, or the stories contained in ancient texts and their vast implications, would be of course an absurdity. It would be like the geneticist telling the philologist that the latter can form no legitimate opinions on the implications of certain ancient texts because their area of expertise is not that implied by the ancient texts! It is time for everyone to calm down, and to start treating each other - specialist and non-specialist alike - with respect and courtesy, and that includes treating the late Mr. Sitchin with some respect as well, notwithstanding the many difficulties of his work. None of us can afford to stand on academic credentials nor should they even enter the discussion. When the academy starts offering PhDs in "Atlantology" with all the scientific, archaeological, philological, and mathematical discipline such a degree would require, then and only then can any of us afford to "stand on our credentials," and even then, I suspect, there would be no place for such an attitude.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Mindblowing Topic: Biophotons. It has been documented that human cells EMIT 100,000 photons per second. It seems these Biophotons are Qi/Etheric Energy. This might be how the healing machine technology works in Elysium with Matt Damon

I think biophotons are interesting things. And from the limited reading I've done so far, mean a photon is much more than a particle of light. It might have Interdimensional qualities too acting as a packet of information. It seems biophotons interact with our DNA. The ' junk' DNA areas I think, and perhaps activate human special abilities. Of course it raises the questions, just what is our origins, who on earth made all this junk DNA and why make it switched off until now? And is Darwinism all lies to misdirect us from real truth about our origins? Quite a lying cover up if this is correct. 

Another interesting question arises:  biophotons interacting with our DNA to activate it. I suppose this is DNA all over the body, the knees, the skin, the heart. As well as the pineal glands DNA? Therefore divine spiritual activation/evolution jump of the human race isn't just the pineal gland? However perhaps the DMT hormone the pineal gland secretes goes round the body and enters cells and latches onto our biophotons activated Junk DNA and this is where and how the magic happens for the masses which the Freemasons have kept this sacred knowledge to themselves ?  

A final question/thought is:  perhaps ancient writings are correct. Our galactic central sun is now 'coughing', pulsing out MASSIVE quantities of biophotons.  Maybe this is what our Freemason 'elite' ' rulers' are aware of and is why the push for vaccines, GMOs , Smartmeters and all the Chemtrails? To stop this biophoton evolutionary jump?   I'm not worried though. They are being beaten as awareness is spreading and try as they might they can't stop all the biophotons reaching our DNA . - Adam


It has long been held that non-conventional treatments for cancer such as homeopathy, Tai ji, yoga, or acupuncture couldn’t ‘cure’ a disease because medical science simply didn’t understand how these modalities worked. German researchers have proven, with special equipment created for the study of photons stored in our DNA, that there is no need for chemotherapy, or other invasive surgeries to cure the body of cancer. As neurophysiologist, Karl Pribram, has postulated, German experimental physicist, Fritz-Alfred Popp has demonstrated, and many ancient cultures have proven, cancer (along with many other diseases) die in the presence of light



We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.” ~ Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp


Biophotonic Science – The History

It has been scientifically documented that every cell in the body emits more than 100,000 light impulses or photons per second. These light emissions, which are not only emanated by humans but by all living things, are called biophotons and have been found to be the steering mechanism behind all biochemical reactions.

Russian scientist and professor, Alexander G. Gurwitsch first discovered biophotons and the morphogenetic field in 1923, but called these bits of light by a different name. Additional research in the 1970s by experimental and theoretical scientists further suggested that biophotons were indeed real. Then, in 1974 the German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, proved their existence, as well as their origin within our DNA and later their coherence, much like light in a laser. From this varied research, biophoton theory has evolved to its present day science.

As an article which recently appeared in Technology Review, presented by MIT quips,

“One of the more curious backwaters of biology is the study of biophotons: optical or ultraviolet photons emitted by living cells in a way that is distinct from conventional bioluminescence. Nobody is quite sure how cells produce biophotons but the latest thinking is that various molecular processes can emit photons and that these are transported to the cell surface by energy carying excitons. A similar process carries the energy from photons across giant protein matrices during photosynthesis.  Whatever the mechanism, a growing number of biologists are convinced that when you switch off the lights, cells are bathed in the pale fireworks of a biophoton display.”

Work being conducted currently at the Rhine Bio-energy lab is advancing biophotonic knowledge in such a way as to recognize this previously unidentified source of energy and information in human beings, animals, plants, and other living organisms.

Biophotons as Chi

The Rhine lab is proving what chi masters, martial artists, yogis, and others have claimed for centuries, that the flow of “energy,” “prana,” or “chi” can be manipulated, with established physical evidence that this energy or chi exists in the form of bio-photons.

Sifu Cicero, an instructor of chi generation, had the opportunity to have her bio electromagnetic energy (bioenergy) measured by the scientists at the Rhine Research Center using a multiphasic ultra-violet light detector which is designed to measure individual photons produced per half second.

Rhine researchers have been able to measure dramatic increases in the number of photons in a light-proof room when certain people were meditating, performing healings, or claiming to manipulate Chi.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Reading this I realised from everything going back to childhood upto now I'm a Starseed: Are You One Too?

The Starseed Experience: Traits and Characteristics

Many starseeds have an extreme sensitivity to alcohol, drugs, and typically any medicine, while others tend to have an extremely high tolerance to such things. All such physical tendencies such as these can vary depending on the individual and can fluctuate over time. This is true with most people but starseeds tend to be at a higher risk and must try to avoid withdrawing into escapism involving abuse of any substance (or abuse of anything as a rule) to cope with reality or deal with pain. This can cloud the starseed vision and delay their progress, but if it occurs early in life it can often lead to deep insight and life changing experiences which pave the way for their later awakening. The more awakened a starseed becomes, the less they rely on, desire or can even tolerate certain chemical substances. Most will then continue to make more conscious and positive decisions regarding their health in general.
A majority of starseeds even as young adults are night owls and enjoy staying up later than the average person. There is a peaceful feeling of solitude and clarity that starseeds feel at night. Those who do sleep earlier may find themselves suddenly awakening for no reason often around 3am. Many starseedshave unsual sleep patterns or find that they can get by on less sleep than the average person, but still there are periods where they may feel extreme fatigue and need more sleep than usual.
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This is a descriptive article and list of some of the most common and also unusual characteristics and traits of a starseed soul. While this information can be used to recognize if you are a starseed yourself, it also explains some of the unique experiences and personality quirks that are most generally shared amoung starseed individuals. The list describes physical symptoms and signs common with star seeds as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that are part of the starseed path and outlook on life.

If you or someone you know is a starseed they may resonate with most if not all of the starseed qualities and experiences listed here.

As always, no external list, label or definition can always accurately describe with 100% certainty the starseed experience; one must look within themselves and truly remember what they already know. Find what resonates with you and always trust your heart concerning the answers you seek.

Starseed Personality Traits and Characteristics

A starseed has a profound feeling of being very different from other people. Everyone is unique and different from others in some way or another, but for a starseed, this feeling begins at a very early age and stays with them well into adulthood. There may be no external cause of this feeling and most have relatively normal childhood and adult lives (although they will tend to have some very unusual experiences). Many people will view these individuals as being somewhat weird or eccentric, even if the starseed is trying to act 'normal' and blend in. A starseed knows they are different, even if they don't quite know why, and even if they try to 'fake it' they will be unhappy pretending to be anyone but themselves.
A starseed individual may discover that they are extremely sensitive and may have a naturally devoloped sixth sense; most are highly empathic. Having empathy means that they have the ability to feel or sense the emotions and sometimes even the 'thought vibrations' of other people, especially those whom they are closest to. If they are not aware of the source of these emotions or energies then it can seem as if it is their own emotions they are feeling. Unconscious starseeds who are highly empathic can be easily influenced energetically. This makes it important to learn grounding and shielding techniques so they do not absorb the emotions of others or take them on as their own.
The empathic ability of a starseed (or anyone with the ability) can become problamatic if one is constantly bombarded with the energy of other people, especially those who are negative. This can result in them becoming increasingly drained energetically over time. This is often the reason why many starseeds feel more comfortable alone in their own private space and tend to feel overwhelmed when around even small groups of familiar people let alone large groups of strangers. Although some starseeds actually feel better in large crowds such as those at an event of some sorts, because this way they feel they can 'blend in' more.
Many starseeds journey through life feeling alienated from others in some way and when involved in even small group settings they often feel disconnected from the others or out of place in some way. Their mind is always buzzing with thought and sometimes they have feelings of anxiety or even boredom. The starseed tends to 'think about what the others are thinking about' and this thought stream can sometimes indicate is a strong telepathic ability as well. Starseeds sometimes enjoy simply observing others out of curiousity instead of interacting or being put on the spot. Even the more social and outgoing starseeds will still resonate with some of these qualities and experiences on some level.
It's common for starseeds to feel like they don't have much in common with many other people and sometimes can not understand why people 'do what they do' and 'like what they like'. They tend to feel much better and lighter in energy when they are around higher vibrational people who are more consciously aware because these lighter individuals seem to just 'get it' while noone else seems tuned in.
In some situations when interacting with others a starseed may find themselves suddenly 'shapeshifting' their energy to match the other's so they can 'play along' or understand the individual on a deeper level. This unusual experience is hard to describe but a lot of starseed souls may recognize it.
A desire and need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and from 'normal' people. Starseeds often prefer to be alone not from a sense of depression but out of a sense of freedom and feeling like they are in their comfort zone. They tend to benefit and do enjoy seeling out others who share their own spiritual interests. They enjoy have deep and more meaingful conversations and can get bored with mindless 'chit chat' or shallow conversation.
A common phenomenon amoung starseeds is frequently seeing the 11:11 or other repeating number sequences appearing on clocks and popping up in other unexpected places often. There is also a perculiar feeling or sensation that accompanies these synchronicities.

The Starseed Child and Young Adult

Starseeds tend to be more shy and introverted as children. They also tend to be highly creative and imaginative on many levels. They can spend hours just thinking and pondering in their minds, and playing in their own 'make-believe world'. Many would rather spend time by themselves, with nature and animals rather than with other children. This can often be due that feeling of being different from others in some way or because they feel they can't relate to other children. Many tend to be more comfortable in the company of adults and are often considered mature for their age. Even so, many star seed children grow up feeling misunderstood and can carry a heavy sadness in their heart at times for reasons they often don't understand.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Adrenal Glands: Adrenal Fatigue, Toxic Metal Accumulation (Chemtrails) and Lyme Disease

When dealing with chronic Lyme disease, always worth realising and remembering that reversing adrenal fatigue and nourishing the adrenal glands can be a major important strategy. If all else fails it should be remembered that Dr Wilson NB science with the hair unwashed at Arizona labs plus the lifestyle strategies can be a major support to the adrenal thyroid gland axis that takes into account 21 st century chemtrailing: something TCM doctors are unaware about and don't realise Chinese herbs have loads of toxic metals in now. - Adam ( Will try and make this blog more exciting once I work out how to paste photos in )
We previously discussed how Lyme disease has an effect on adrenal health since Borrelia infection causes chronic stress. This stress forces the adrenal glands to maintain a high level of function for an extended period of time, eventually wearing themselves out and dropping into adrenal fatigue.
When the adrenal glands are in a state of fatigue, they are unable to produce and maintain the proper levels of hormones to keep the body at proper homeostatic balance, which tends to generate more stress that forces the adrenals to try to work harder – creating a vicious cycle. Adrenal fatigue has many nonspecific symptoms as a result of ity affecting multiple organ systems throughout the body. This may sound similar to Lyme disease, which is not a stretch, considering that both conditions involve multiple systems in their latter stages. The similarities actually go deeper than this, for example: brain fog, anxiety, migrating pains, insomnia and irritability are all potential symptoms of adrenal fatigue and, as discussed, these are also all chronic Lyme disease symptoms.
The two conditions interact and strengthen each other in a kind of terrible, malicious synergy; not only do Lyme disease and adrenal fatigue feed into and worsen each other, but they share a large area of symptoms overlap. This deep integration of the conditions makes it difficult to tease them apart and tackle them separately, and this has significant repercussions for recovery.
Fighting Chronic Lyme Disease Aggressively – a Lost Cause
Conventional antibiotic treatments simply cannot beat the Borrelia bacteria behind Lyme disease. In acute Lyme disease cases where the bacterial titer is high, antibiotics can help to decimate pathogen population. Once at the level where it enters a stealth infectious mode, however, only the body’s natural defense systems can deal with the constant low level toxic assault. It is important that the body be healthy and energized with adequate nutrition to be able to handle this stealth infection and not become fatigued. Antibiotics do nothing to help this process, and in fact may hinder it, making it utterly unsuited to address chronic Lyme disease symptoms.
Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, antibiotics are a necessary evil in the modern conventional theory of medicine. Antibiotics don’t just attack bad bacteria and organisms, they are indiscriminate in that any organism or cell that is susceptible will be attacked and die. This includes many populations of good bacteria that make up the human body’s internal microbiome and even some of your own human cells. When our microbiome is off-balance, our immune system is in disarray, and the body thrown into a state of inflammation. This ultimately weakens the body, while allowing the Lyme pathogen to prosper. It should come as no surprise that repeated antibiotic therapy invariably fails in chronic Lyme treatment.
Compounding this is the fact that once the cells and organisms are killed off by the antibiotics, their corpses decompose and become toxic detritus that clogs up the body. This release of toxins from the death of microorganisms is known as a die-off reaction, and this can cause a great deal of stress for the liver and kidneys, which are already overburdened due to the general body-wide slowdown caused by adrenal fatigue. Recirculation of such toxins further contributes and triggers a retoxification reaction that can lead to adrenal crashes. Sufferers can be bedridden and incapacitated in severe cases. Of course, the stress on these systems feeds back around to the adrenal stress control center, feeding into a deepening of adrenal fatigue. 
So we see that aggressive use of antibiotics, far from helping with the body’s health, actually seems to be detrimental and contributes to the negative health spiral formed by adrenal fatigue and chronic Lyme disease symptoms when both are present. Recognizing and appreciating this relationship is a critical step if one is to be successful in fighting Lyme disease, because the recovery strategies can be quite different.

If the adrenal glands are weak, time should be taken to nurture them back to health. The adrenal glands need to be healthy in order to support a body that can stand a course of antibiotics, clear out toxic metabolites and deal with die-off reactions effectively. The longer adrenals are not in optimal performance, the weaker the body becomes over time and the harder it is to get on the road to recovery.
Supporting the Adrenals First – the Smart Move
In order to avoid this negative spiral of worsening health, the first step must be recognizing that recurring and chronic Lyme disease symptoms are deeply integrated and entwined with the state of the body’s adrenal health. This understanding is important because it points the way to a successful recovery from symptoms.
Recovering from Adrenal Fatigue and chronic Lyme disease symptoms requires strengthening the body through proper nutrition and lifestyleSince adrenal fatigue is an intrinsic condition where the mechanisms for dysfunction come from the inside, the recovery must focus on the body. Proper adrenal fatigue recovery is primarily concerned with rebuilding the body’s strength and nutritional reserves so that it has the capacity and energy to power all the different internal systems optimally. This is achieved using a combination of proper diet to avoid stressful foods and provide natural nutrition, nutritional supplementation to round out the body’s needed building blocks, and lifestyle changes to minimize stress and keep the body active but relaxed. Care should be taken not to further place excessive stress by stimulating the body with hormones, herbs, and glandulars that potentially have an excitatory effect on the body.
With respect to Lyme disease, once the adrenal system is back to a functioning level of capacity, it should be able to easily beat back the Borrelia invaders and drive them back into dormancy. The liver, kidneys, microbiome and ECM should also be back up to the job of clearing out the toxins excreted by these remainders. When done properly, the unpleasant chronic Lyme disease symptoms will begin to taper off and decrease in severity as the body’s detoxification and cleansing functions come back into full function.
Supporting the adrenals requires extensive clinical experience in order not to trigger adrenal crashes that give the Lyme pathogen an opportunity to resurge. A comprehensive, slow and steady, personalized approach is needed to gently support adrenal function without crashes. Patience is required – most are quite weak after years of a losing battle against Lyme. It is constantly surprising to note how well a slow and steady approach like this works, much better than the aggressive, single-focus antibiotic approach with chronic Lyme. In many cases, it may not be necessary to directly treat chronic Lyme disease once the adrenals are well supported, because a strong adrenal system will release the necessary anti-inflammatory hormones, such as cortisol, to keep the Lyme pathogen under control. The Lyme resurgence and relapse is self-limiting. As long as the body is kept healthy, chronic Lyme disease should remain below symptomatic levels and unable to bother the host.

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Let's find out if you have Adrenal Fatigue
It takes patience and a comprehensive plan, but chronic Lyme disease symptoms can be reduced and disappear over time as the body strengthensIt is therefore very important to note that proper recovery from adrenal fatigue requires a comprehensive, holistic approach factoring in the adrenal system, with correct timing and patience. Adrenal fatigue is not contracted in a day; it spends months – even years – developing as the adrenal glands are worn down by chronic stress. As a result, the rebuilding of these reserves takes time as well. Using stimulants and energy boosters are ill advised. While they may have a short-term positive effect, the body soon runs into problems. The liver and kidneys are simply unable to handle proper detox and cleaning duties to metabolize and clear out the extra detritus from energy drinks and stimulants. It’s safe to say that, with respect to adrenal fatigue and Lyme disease recovery, slow and steady recovery in the hands of an experienced clinical expert is the way to go.

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Monday, November 07, 2016

Nikola Tesla Free Energy being used in Antarctic Bases? And What's Secretary Kerry Heinz Doing in Antarctica on Election Day?

Watching Michael Palins Pole to Pole episode in Antarctica is interesting.  He says only 4 months of the year is possible to be there, rest of the year it's far too inhospitable and bases get closed.

However I do t think that's the true situation in Antarctica. Free Energy Nikola Tesla technology could make a beautifully warm ambient environment either underground or within sealed surface habitation zones. Come to think I it,
If Secret Government Black and Beyond Black scientists and researchers have Free Energy to play with. I imagine they could very easily simulate light sources with similar beneficial frequencies just like our Sun. Who knows what's going on down there in Antarctica ?  Shocking when you think about it when elderly pensioners in England have to decide between heating their homes this winter, or eating. While the technology exists for abundance and warmth for everyone .  How much longer will this bare  faced lying and technology suppression and economic slavery  that has severely distorted our economies and societies by a few psychopathic elites continue?  Not for much longer i sense - Adam


Heinz-Kerry: what's he doing not just at Antarctica but the South Pole itself on Election Day?
First of all and probably most on point is the question of… why? Why is the Secretary of State being sent not just to McMurdo Station on the tip of Ross Island (a much easier and cheaper place to reach) but to the actual South Pole research facility? That’s a fairly hazardous trip at the best of times and I seriously doubt Kerry is going there to conduct any ice core experiments on his own. Is there actually anything going on in that barren location which he couldn’t find out about via a satellite video conference or an in person meeting in Washington with scientists recently returned from their shifts there?

What say we have the taxpayers fund the trip but only for a one way ticket? Then the Kerry – Heinz empire can either pay for the trip back or he can simply stay there and learn to speak penguin.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

High Octane Questions and Speculations about just what's going on over at Saturn and what's the story with the Moon and Ceres and Jupiter and our entire history: What the Hells going on?

I'm left wondering just what's been going on in our past here on earth and the solar system.
Serious questions are arising in my mind. The people who shaped and created the moon and Ceres wanted us to have these clues to start asking questions. 
- Why would they have left these mathematical clues? It appears the Moon had to be this way to enable life to exist on Earth. Earths tilt is because of the moon ensuring an equal bathing of sunlight 
- Could these highly advanced Builders have left these maths clues of earth, sun, moon and Ceres because they knew tyranny and suppressed knowledge from the masses by elites would happen . Maybe these clues have been serious time bomb triggers to get humanity to seriously ask questions and question the reality we are told exists around us by our 'Leaders' and society ?

- The intrigue and excitement doesn't stop here. Serious evidence exists the pyramid network round the globe has been an anode cathode network , to bring negative electrons to charge planet earth and make it highly stable plus giving a wonderful buffering magnetosphere . 

- This brings me to the point of this email. If the moon and Ceres have been manufactured. What does this tell us about Saturn and Jupiter ? Why do the satanic elites worship Saturn? Satan/Saturn?
Could there be some truth that the rings of Saturn are broadcasting frequencies onto earth by some malevolent controlling forces who are descendent a of many many ' elites' ruling the system today?

- just what's going on over at Saturn? Could Norman Bergruns claims of Hubble spotted 20,000 long mile electromagnetic machines that are making Saturnalian rings actually have some validity?

- And finally. What part do our modern day secret space programmes play in all this? Do the NASA Scottish rite Freemasons really have a colony network throughout the solar system as they study archaeology out there?

- Could the Ancient Builders not have been some strange Annunaki but actually humans? If so just how much have we been lied to about our past history by the Smithsonian museum and many others?

- And what was tge significance in 2015 showing us all the crater city lights on Ceres that shone brightly with no sun on it? Were NASA trying to hint at truths god forbid?

A secret space programme colony? Far better exciting photos exist on the net if you look. Showing a CBD area and 'suburbs'

All in all the basic question must be asked : What the hell is going on?